• Are you facing these challenges?

    • Your competitors are gaining ground on you and you know that your organisation could modernize your work practices and stop them on their tracks.​

    • Your organisation relies on ‘once greatest but now outdated’ systems and you are not sure how to go about refreshing them.

    • You want to replace an existing system and you start looking around for a replacement only to realize the market is filled with numerous off-the-shelf software from numerous vendors and you don’t have the time, skill or resources to find the right system for your organisation.

    Or maybe...

    • You have a business problem which can be solved with technology, but you aren’t sure what the best way to proceed is

    • You are great at what you do, but technology and software are not your strengths so you are looking for experts in that field whom you can ‘pick the brains off’ on a new idea you have

    • You know outsourcing non-core functions of your technology team is a ‘no brainer’ to ensure your organisation remains focussed on what gives it the most competitive edge. Still, you are not sure how to go about that and who to partner with. The large outsourcing companies you hear of all the time may see you as too small a client. With the smaller companies, you don’t know who they are and if you are unnecessarily risking the smooth working of your vital ‘business as usual’ systems.

    • You have heard a lot about AI, Big Data, Automation, Cloud etc. and know that there is something there for your organisation. Still, you are not sure what nor do you have the necessary skills within your organisation to go about exploring them.

    • Your business is going from strength to strength, and you had to grow your team rapidly, which has left you with no opportunity to make sure the operation of the team and the work they carry out are being done in the best way possible. Perhaps you know what needs to be done but don’t have the right people and hiring them at this time may not be appropriate. Maybe you want someone to help you put together the right processes in place following industry best practices.

    • You realise that Cloud computing is no longer an aspiration for organisations but the new normal and that it is the right time to move your business to the cloud - taking advantage of all the new possibilities. You now need guidance on charting the right path, the right vendor and the right long term strategy. Perhaps you may also want to augment your team with the necessary skills to make this move as smooth as possible without having to hire full-time employees.

    Our Technology Consultancy service will be able to help you. We have worked with organisations of every size advising them on making the most out of their data, devising solutions that cut down overall cost, saves their employees time and automating tedious tasks. Our experts aspire to be our customers’ trusted advisors and excel in analysing customer challenges, devising and architecting end-to-end solutions within the parameters of time, cost, resources and skill.

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  • Every business and its specific needs are unique. We understand the need to remain flexible and always adapt our approach to the project landscape. The process below gives you a high-level overview of what you can expect when you engage with our Technology Consultancy service.



    You get in touch with us via email, phone or live chat.


    Initial Consultation

    We will have a high-level consultation call (free of cost) with you to understand your challenges and to assess if we can help. Anything you tell us is fully confidential and we can sign an NDA at this stage if required.


    Suggest Approach

    We come back to you with initial suggestions, share our experience, suggest approaches and agree on ways in which we can engage.



    We iterate until an approach acceptable to you is reached. We will formalise our engagement with binding agreements including SLA, SOW and MSA (as appropriate).


    Engagement starts

    Once signed, we start our engagement with you, working in close collaboration.

  • Will I have any obligation to do business with you, if I ask for an initial consultation?

    No, there is no obligation on your part. We realise finding the right partner is often a hit and miss. We do not expect you to do business with us if we cannot deliver the value you seek within the constraints your company operates in or if other factors influence the decision.

    How do you price your services?

    We use two pricing models - Fixed Bid and Time and Materials (T&M). As to which model we use in your engagement depends on which one best fits the nature of the work. In the Fixed Bid model, after consultation and analysis of your requirements, we will quote a fixed price or a price range for the whole engagement. This model works best when there is clarity upfront on the work required. In the T&M model, we will quote an hourly or daily rate for the engagement and will bill you based on the number of hours/days put into the work. This model works best when the shape of the work becomes more evident as we go. We also work with a variation of the T&M approach called a Capped T&M, whereby you can set limits on the budget available for a piece of work.

    Will I have to engage with you again, if I have another need other than Consulting?

    No, you don’t have to, although we hope you do. Almost all our engagements start with an initial consultation, as the first step is almost always to find out more about the problems you are facing and to assess if we are best suited to help you solve that problem.

    Will I start receiving marketing emails from you if I engage for an initial consultation with you?

    No, you won’t if you don’t want to. We respect your right to privacy and seek to be compliant with all current legislation in this regard.