• Are you facing these challenges?

    • The CRM system you have been using for the last decade has gone out of fashion, and it no longer links to newer applications such as Accountancy software that your business needs to use. Migrating to a more modern CRM is a time-consuming and challenging task, and you need to consider ways to get the CRM speaking to your Accounting software.
    • Your department uses a legacy web application for an internal business process. The application uses decades-old technology which is no longer actively supported and for which you may soon no longer find skilled people. Before this happens, you want to de-risk by rebuilding the web application using the latest technologies.
    • The executives of your company want to move to an OpEx based model and have suggested that you move all the business applications to a subscription-based cloud platform. Still, you are not sure how to manage this effectively.

    Or maybe...

    • Your company wants to take advantage of a new opportunity that has arisen and want to put together an e-commerce application quickly.
    • Your technology team has built an excellent web application. Still, just before launch, you realize that supporting certain functions of the web application with a mobile app would help accelerate customer adoption. There is, however, no time to find the right people to form your mobile team.
    • Your startup wants to build mobile apps on every platform, however, putting together a separate team for each mobile platform may not be the right approach, and so you want to find the most cost-effective solution and have it built.
    • The payment provider you have used for a long time on your e-commerce system is no longer the best value for money, and you want to migrate to a cheaper provider.
    • You want to start selling products via your website but are not sure what changes you need to make to enable accepting payments.
    • You want to enable single sign-on security solution to several internal business-critical applications, to reduce the number of login credentials your employees need to remember (and possibly write down) and thus reducing the risk of information security breaches at your business.
    • You have recently learned that the version of Microsoft Windows Server on which your critical web application runs on is approaching its’ end of support’, i.e., Microsoft will no longer be fixing bugs or security loopholes. You want urgent help migrating the application to a newer server while ensuring minimum downtime and following a clear plan.

    Our Software Solutions service will be able to help you. Before founding New Leaf, our founders built cutting edge applications that work across browsers and devices, that do everything from helping to manage data to enabling collaboration across an organisation to generating thousands of reports in batches viewable on proprietary device software. Our experts are passionate about technology, know the value of continuous learning and deliver high-quality software.

  • Services

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    Application Development

    Bespoke application development gives you the edge your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. This is especially vital when it comes to your business-critical systems. These systems will cater specifically to your company and its strengths, thus improving operational efficiency, increasing employee productivity and better customer service. New Leaf ensures these vital business applications are built to last, provide the expected business value and help you maximize ROI. With our expertise in Web, Mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktop application development, our adherence to best practice methodologies and the use of the latest technologies, we deliver sophisticated solutions that users love.

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    Application Re-engineering

    We are in an era where technological advances occur at an incredible speed as such technologies that were once the best way to achieve business value may now be a drag on your business and could even be a significant risk. For example, if it were built with technology that is no longer being kept up-to-date, the threat to your business are manifold such as, shortage of skills, loss of knowledge, disaster recovery risk, the existence of known flaws, business data being compromised, increasing cost etc. In such cases, it is advisable to re-engineer such software in modern technologies to reduce the risks mentioned above.

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    Integration Solutions

    In many cases, rather than rebuild or switch applications when newer interactions with other applications are required, it may be prudent to consider the possibility of integrations. This is increasingly the way of modern technology companies. It is also a viable option (at least to review) for organisations interested in keeping ongoing cost down and employee productivity up.

    Third-party Application Integration

    Your organisation uses a legacy CRM system. The system used to connect fine to your legacy Accounting software with the help of plugins. Recently, in keeping with newer regulation such as MTD, you decided to migrate to a more modern cloud-based Accounting package. This has, however, caused you some grievance as the legacy CRM does not have any knowledge of the new Accounting software, and so your employees have to resort to tedious and duplicate work to get things done. Replacing the CRM system is an option but is a challenge and would be extremely time-consuming. You know that both the CRM system and the Accounting software expose APIs which can be leveraged, to enable integration between these 3rd party applications. So you take that approach as a short term measure.

    Payments Integration

    You want to add Paypal support to your e-commerce website in addition to accepting credit cards. You want someone trustworthy and reliable to handle the job carefully, ensuring that suitable changes are made without disrupting your business and who will support the entire process to supporting you until you are sure the changes have gone through successfully. Your company has the added advantage of an alternate payment provider that you set out to achieve.

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    Security Solutions

    With the rapid rise of SaaS cloud-based applications and enterprise mobility, organisations face some severe challenges around security. The problems arise due to poor password hygiene, the sprawl of usernames and passwords. Customers expectation has also increasingly shifted to social sign-in/registrations. With typical enterprise relying on multiple vendors/teams to deliver their business-critical applications, each implementing security as they see fit, the risks of security breaches resulting in loss of customer goodwill and compliance failure penalties, are very high. A well thought out security strategy can help reduce such risks.

    Single Sign-on

    Single sign-on (SSO) is a centralised session and user authentication service in which one set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications. Its beauty is in its simplicity; the service authenticates you one on one designated platform, enabling you to then use a plethora of services without having to log in and out each time. Implemented correctly, SSO can be great for productivity, IT monitoring and management, and security control. With one security token (a username and password pair), you can enable and disable user access to multiple systems, platforms, apps and other resources. You also reduce the risk of lost, forgotten or weak passwords. New Leaf has expertise in building elegant and reliable SSO solutions in complex real-world scenarios. From social platform-based SSO to intranet SSO using OAuth, SAML, Kerberos, we can help you.

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    Application Migration

    Maybe you want to migrate your business applications, from an older to a newer platform or technology; upgrade your mobile app to work with more modern devices on the same platform, or just move your web application or assets from your premises to the cloud. Whatever be the case, New Leaf will be able to help you.

    End of support

    End-of-support refers to a situation in which a 3rd party ceases support for a product or service. This usually occurs when that 3rd party releases a new version and ends support for previous versions. Take the example of Microsoft ending support for SQL Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 or .NET 4. In such an event, your business must take steps to protect itself from harm. Without adequate support, software potentially becomes less safe and secure over time as you will no longer be provided security patches or upgrades to protect you from viruses, malware and other sorts of cyberattacks. New Leaf has the necessary expertise to help advise, put together a plan to help you cost-effectively secure your valuable business assets.

    Cloud Migrations

    Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. We can help you whether you want to move from on-prem to the public cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration and help you take advantage of the increased elasticity, self-service provisioning, redundancy and pay-per-use cost model that the cloud offers.

  • Every business and its specific needs are unique. We understand the need to remain flexible and always adapt our approach to the project landscape. The process below gives you a high-level overview of what you can expect when you engage with our Software Solutions service.



    You get in touch with us via email, phone or live chat.


    Initial Consultation

    We will have a high-level consultation call (free of cost) with you to understand the solution you want to design/build and to assess if we have the expertise and can meet the time obligations. Anything you tell us is entirely confidential, and we can sign an NDA at this stage if required.


    Suggest Approach

    We come back to you with initial suggestions, share our experience, suggest approaches and agree on ways in which we can engage.



    If the suggestions are acceptable to you, we will formalize our engagement with the necessary agreements, including SLA, SOW and MSA (as appropriate).


    Engagement starts

    Once signed, we start working on the solution in close collaboration with you and your team.


    Monitoring progress

    We will keep you posted regularly on our progress with highlight reports and status meetings.



    We will release working products at regular intervals to gather continuous feedback from you.


    Final deliverable(s)

    Once the work is complete, we may deploy and host/publish the solution for you, depending on our agreement and nature of the solution.


    Ongoing Support

    We may enter into support and maintenance phase for the engagement, if appropriate and will formalise agreements such as SLAs.

  • Will I have any obligation to do business with you, if I ask for an initial consultation?

    No, there is no obligation on your part. We realise finding the right partner is often a hit and miss. We do not expect you to do business with us if we cannot deliver the value you seek within the constraints your company operates in or if other factors influence the decision.

    How do you price your services?

    We use two pricing models - Fixed Bid and Time and Materials (T&M). As to which model we use in your engagement depends on which one best fits the nature of the work. In the Fixed Bid model, after consultation and analysis of your requirements, we will quote a fixed price or a price range for the whole engagement. This model works best when there is clarity upfront on the work required. In the T&M model, we will quote an hourly or daily rate for the engagement and will bill you based on the number of hours/days put into the work. This model works best when the shape of the work becomes more evident as we go. We also work with a variation of the T&M approach called a Capped T&M, whereby you can set limits on the budget available for a piece of work.

    Will I have to engage with you again, if I have another need other than Software Solutions?

    No, you don’t have to, although we hope you do. Almost all our engagements start with an initial consultation. This is because the first step is almost always to find out more about the problems you are facing and to assess if we are best suited to help you solve that problem.

    How do I ensure you will deliver what I want you to deliver?

    As a business owner, this is a big challenge. Projects which are granted simply based on price often fail as neither the business owner nor the team understands how vital this is. We handle this risk in a few ways:

    1. Encouraging you to help us understand the requirements as best as you can
    2. Summarising our understanding of your needs back to you, so any inaccuracies stand out
    3. Following an agile model of working; thus, you get a glimpse of the working product as frequently as possible, so that any deviations can be caught early.

    We pride ourselves in building and nurturing long term relationships with our clients, partners and employees. We want you and us to succeed together.

    Will I start receiving marketing emails from you if I engage for an initial consultation with you?

    No, you won’t if you don’t want to. We respect your right to privacy and seek to be compliant with all current legislation in this regard.