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  • Who are we?

    New Leaf Technology Solutions is a software solutions company focused on helping established businesses, as well as ambitious startups, achieve their objectives through exceptional software & services, innovative web, mobile, data, BI & AI solutions and expert consultancy.

    The leadership team at New Leaf bring over 50 years of experience delivering high-quality software products and services across multiple sectors and industries, with proven delivery to Fortune 500, FTSE 100 companies as well as to SMEs and Startups (winning Microsoft awards for innovation in the process). At New Leaf, we have expertise across the whole software landscape from designing and delivering products/services to managing and leading distributed teams. Our team members are highly motivated individuals with a passion for their work.

  • Delivering an Innovative Patient Management System


    “Our Youla Observation and Response Intelligence Service (YORIS) relies on bringing together multiple data sets into a single user-friendly solution to better understand patient behaviours and conditions. We use the platform in real-time to ensure the right intervention takes place at the right time. We have derived numerous benefits from the Patient Management System New Leaf delivered, including increased efficiency of managing remote care packages and long-term understanding of patient data through trend analysis and the impact of interventions in the home.


    Following the integration of the system, New Leaf has continued to add value by offering expert advice and delivering several product updates and third-party integrations.


    They have consistently delivered professionally and flexibly, always being very conscious to align directly with our business goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending New Leaf to anyone who requires a robust and quality software partner to help transform their business operations”

    Roberto Coladangelo, CEO –PHL Youla Ltd

    Reducing Costs with a Management Information System


    “New Leaf guided us, showing us the benefits through a step-by-step process, replacing our manual and time-consuming business operations with a powerful automotive and easy-to-use management information system.


    What was an onerous set of disconnected tasks, has now become a seamless and consolidated process, which has saved us considerable time and money; allowing us to concentrate on our core business instead of wasting time working against IT systems and timely processes.


    I am thrilled with both the solution provided and the excellent service provided and would wholeheartedly recommend New Leaf to anyone wanting to realise tangible benefits for their business from technology.”

    Julie Bentley, Managing Director – Safewaste

    Bringing Onsite Learning to Life to Minimise Defects


    “We had a requirement to deliver an AI-based document parser and Q&A generator, all on a short timescale while consuming multiple document sources.


    We picked New Leaf over several other vendors because of their dedicated approach and the quality of work; they took time to understand what we wanted and expertly guided us throughout the whole engagement.

    Not only did they deliver an elegant and innovative solution, but also future-proofed this within the context of a product roadmap, equipping us with the necessary recommendations and technology choices to move the product forward.


    New Leaf are reliable, attentive and experts in what they do!”

    Alex Davies, Project Manager - TR Control Systems

    Supporting and Enhancing a Mission Critical CRM


    “We have been working with New leaf for the approaching 3 years now. We spoke to several companies before engaging them, and it has proven to be an excellent decision. They have been professional, personable, and highly responsive.

    I feel we can entirely rely on them, which is critical with our dependence on technology. They really took the trouble to understand our business requirements and continually offered excellent ideas and solutions throughout.


    If you’re considering working with New Leaf, I would unreservedly recommend them!”

    Joseph McCarthy, Director - Joseph McCarthy Mirror and Framemakers

    Technology Partnering to Help Scale Operations


    “I have worked closely with New Leaf for a number of years now. I have been continually impressed with their vast expertise and commitment to consistently delivering quality products on time and to budget.

    Partnering with New Leaf has enabled me to scale both operations and solution offerings that are well crafted and offer great value for money.


    Why would I recommend New Leaf? You can always trust them to deliver across a wide range of services, including development, support, and technology strategies. In short, New Leaf is a highly professional and dedicated team of people and always a pleasure to work with.”

    Phillip Franklin, Managing Director - Obsys

    Delivering a Prototype AI Digital Assistant


    “New leaf worked with us to explore the feasibility of an AI digital assistant to help augment and improve the current manual-based processes.


    It was imperative that New leaf first understood the existing working process to provide a solution that worked—all of which they did with commitment, flexibility and considerable expertise.


    They were able to satisfy the short-term goals by delivering a web-based prototype and addressing the long-term strategic vision through a set of comprehensive recommendations and a holistic product roadmap.

    I am happy to recommend New Leaf as a professional, committed and approachable team.”

    Edward Foord, CEO - YOU3

  • What we do? 

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    Well-crafted business applications that deliver great value.


    Our services include Application Development, Application Re-engineering, Integration Solutions, Security Solutions, Application Migration and many others.

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    High-quality business continuity solutions for your business.


    Our services include Application Support, Legacy Application Maintenance, Cloud Hosting and many others.

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    Innovative end-to-end solutions that accelerate your growth.


    Our services include Technology Advisory, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Research & Development, Outsourcing Strategy, Cloud Vendor Strategy, Project Management, Team Building, Account Management and many others.

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    Realise data as a strategic asset for your company.


    Our services include Data Management Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, AI Solutions among others.